The quotation is true to the life story of one of the employees of Lasam Institute of Technology.

Before she enrolled at TESDA she had so many struggles in life. She had a lot of dreams but unfortunately her mother died when she was only 12 years old and since birth she did not meet her father. She had a very hard time sustaining her studies and she wanted to stop but because she excels in school her kind-hearted adviser/teacher took the responsibility to support her on her studies until College.

Just like any individual who dreams big and because of her perseverance she was able to graduate with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Education and luckily passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

She was so eager to look for a job but with a number of schools she went and applied she was not so lucky enough to be hired until one day she met one of the recruiters of the New Peoples Army deceived her identity that she is a government employee. She told her that there is a field exposure in Cagayan Valley to teach Indigenous People(IP’s)and because she is so frustrated to find job in Manila she immediately joined her because of her eagerness to be employed.

Upon arriving at Cagayan Valley she was surprised because she was welcomed by armed men. She stayed in the forest for a few months but when she wanted to quit they met an encounter with the Armed Forces of the Philippines. She left all her things including her Identification Card and cellular phone which was recovered by the AFP officials. From then, she was afraid to go back home and there was no choice but stay and become a member of the NPA. She met her husband there. They were able to adjust to the life they have there but when she got pregnant they decided to surrender to the government for the future of their children.

Luckily they were given the chance to escape from the group. They stayed at the Philippine National Headquarters for several months for their protection until the time they were permitted to live as normal civilians.

She worked as a casual teacher in one of the private schools in Lasam and there she heard about TESDA. For a brighter future, she enrolled and gained her National Certificate II in Dressmaking. She opened her past to the Administrator of LIT and she was given the chance to take the Trainers Methodology I. After her TM I training she was hired as Job Order and she was so fortunate that she got a permanent position last April 8, 2019 here in LIT.

At present, she is blessed and very proud to be part of TESDA family. They are very happy living peacefully and now blessed with two kids and starting to build their own house and according to her it is all because of TESDA.

The title “Panibagong Bukas sa TESDA” depicts her life story.#

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