Success Story August

Personal Background

  • Full Name: RANDY C. SAPLA
  • Nickname: Randy
  • Birthdate: June 27, 1989
  • Cellphone Number: 09979177243

II. Schools Attended

Name Occupation Monthly Salary

Rogelio Sapla


Paula Sapla


I. Family Background

Level Name of School Level/Course Completed Year Completed
Tertiary Cagayan State University BSBA Not Completed


Post-Secondary TESDA – Aparri School of Arts and Trades Electrical Technology 2007
Secondary Gonzaga Comp High School 2005
Elementary Gonzaga South Central School 2001

III. Occupation/ Business Information(if wage employed past 5 years up to present)

Year Position Name of Company/Employer Salary
2010-2016 Electrician Electro-Mechanical Enterpriser 2,100 QR
2008 Veterinary Assistant Pampanga Balibago

IV.Experiences and Future Plans

  1. How did you know about TESDA?

When I discontinued studying college due to lack of financial security, my cousin invited me to join him in enrolling at Aparri School of Arts and Trades (TESDA-API’s former name).

  1. What is/are your reason/s for enrolling a tech-voc course?

I enrolled a tech-voc course because I badly wanted to help my parents in sending my younger siblings to school and since my parents are both unemployed, I had to sacrifice my studies and find for a cheaper course to lessen our daily expenses and in order to work immediately.

  1. Please share with us your experiences to prove your worth and go against the unusual discrimination of tech-voc graduates?

When I was applying for a job after my tech-voc course, I had experienced a lot of discrimination from people just because I only finished a vocational degree and that I was too proud to apply for such work I am not actually qualified for. So after a lot of job hunting, I decided to find work abroad and I was surprised that I was hired immediately compared to other people whom applied for the same position but the even if I was the one who didn’t have a college degree.

  1. How did your training/course help you achieve your current economic status?

My training helped me and my family a lot. Because of my training I was able to find a job in Qatar where I have worked for more than 6 years and I was able to send all my younger siblings to school and I was able to fix our old house.

  1. What are your plans relative to your career, education and business (If any)?

Now that I am now here in the Philippines I plan to enroll again at TESDA-API to further improve my skills and hopefully start up a small business.

  1. What has been your contribution to your community?

I am now advocate of the Tech-voc programs in our community, I have already advised a lot of families and friends to take up tech-voc courses and some of them are already processing their paper for work abroad. I am glad that I now serve as a living testimony to others, that not all non-degree holders have any chance in uplifting their family’s economic status.

  1. What message can you share with other Filipinos?

To all Filipinos who have been discriminated and been ashamed of the level of education they have attained, please, don’t give up on your dreams, if the life you live cannot afford to send you to a good university then look for other ways to help you earn a decent living. Your job title, level of education, not even the school you graduated from can define your level of success. In the end, it is the level of determination and all the sacrifices you gave up on shall determine how far you have gone in order to reach your goals.


Everybody wants to be successful in life. Everybody dreams of having a perfect family, an effortlessly good paying job and admiration by all. For many, they qualify these things as their definition of success, but not for this 28-year-old man who had struggled his way just to prove his definition of success.

Mr. Randy Sapla is the eldest son among the 6 children of Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio Sapla. Randy’s dream was to see his parents live an easier life because it had always been difficult for his parents to raise 6 children especially both of his parents were jobless but he was determined to finish his studies in order to help them. Randy made ways to be able to finish high school and he was able to enter college but fate really got the best of him. After his freshman year, his parents asked him to stop because they couldn’t afford to send him to school anymore. So, Randy began searching for a job hoping that he can earn money to be able to send himself to college instead. Searching for a job was very difficult for Randy and since he was only a high school graduate he felt ashamed of what he had finished, until one day his cousin asked if he wanted join him in studying a vocational course at ASAT (Aparri School of Arts and Trades). Randy agreed and they were able to finish a Vocational Diploma in Electrical Technology.

After that Randy worked as a Veterinary Assistant to his Uncle who was a Vet at an Animal Clinic in Balibago, Pampanga for a year. Randy was very happy with his work but it really doesn’t help him much because of the very low salary he had receiving so he decided to apply for work abroad. He used his vocational degree to apply as an electrician at a company in Qatar in which he was very much qualified for. For 6 years of staying in Qatar as an Electrician he was able to send his younger siblings in school and he was able to buy a small piece of land for his parents.

On 2016, Randy decided to go home to the Philippines. He is nowhelping his father farm the piece of land he bought for them and he is now married and is determined and is more confident in looking for a job nearer to his family.

For Randy, TESDA became an eye opener to those like him who badly wanted to uplift their economic status but had lack of financial resources to send him to college, that not all non-degree holders are the only ones entitled to have success but along his way he realized that all the effort and had sacrifices he put into making his success a really was already the success he was looking for.

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