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Success Story April


  • Name: Rodelo T. Carmona
  • Nickname: Delo
  • Birthdate: October 3, 1989
  • Cellphone Number: 0917492903

I. Family Background

Name Occupation Monthly Salary

Vicente Carmona

Ret. Police Officer

Fediluz Carmona



II. Schools Attended

Level Name of School Level/Course Completed Year Completed
Tertiary Our Lady of Fatima University (Q.C) BS Nursing 2011
Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College BS Midwifery 2007
Post-Secondary Central Rizal Institute of Technology Event Management NC III Ongoing
Aparri Polytechnic Institute Trainer’s Methodology 1 2015
Bread and Pastry NC II 2015
Front Office Services NC II 2015
Cookery NC II 2014
Our Lady of Fatima University (Q.C) Caregiving NC II 2009
Secondary Allacapan Vocational High School 2005
Elementary Lal-lo South Central School 2001

III. Occupation/ Business Information

Year Position Name of Company/Employer Salary
2016-Present Training Director/Corporator Nueva Segovia Institute of Pastry Arts and Hospitality Center Inc.
2012-2014 Nurse Cagayan Valley Medical Center

IV. Experiences and Future Plans

  1. How did you know about TESDA?

I heard about TESDA from a lot of friends before but I thought that TESDA is only for those who didn’t have the chance to study for college.

  1. What is/are your reason/s for enrolling a tech-voc course?

After resigning from CVMC as head nurse I decided to enroll a tec-voc course since I had lots free time and I was curious to learn new skills to develop.

  1. Please share with us your experiences to prove your worth and go against the unusual discrimination of tech-voc graduates?

        I believe that your educational attainment does not define your success. Take my situation as a good example, I am a nurse by profession but I choose to venture the world of business and I want to help other people improve their lives by training them to create their own livelihood and I am very to proud to say that a lot of my former trainees are already doing well in their own businesses.

  1. How did your training/course help you achieve your current economic status?

With all my trainings in TESDA I was able to develop and enhance all the knowledge I gained until l was able to put up my own school where as of now in a span of 9 months I already catered almost 500 trainees who took Bread and Pastry Production NC II which actually better than I expected.

  1. What are your plans relative to your career, education and business (If any)?

After a year or two I plan to build a 4-storey building as part of our institution for the new course I will be offering, Event Management NC III.

  1. What has been your contribution to your community?

I motivate others to strive hard to be good businessmen. I always see to it that no trainee can finish a course in my institution without providing the quality standards that I am looking for. I push my trainees to their utmost potential in providing quality cakes and pastries and that no trainee can leave without mastering every competency in the course. Not only am I able to teach individuals a chance to have their own business but I also support community programs like greening projects and community-based trainings and am I still planning more programs to help develop our community.

  1. What message can you share with other Filipinos?

To all those who are still looking for success in their careers, ask yourselves “Is this job really what you want to do?” Because if not, then you might be pursuing the wrong path. It’s not too late to find what you really want to be doing for the rest of your life. Go for what makes you passionate about. Love your job and strive to develop your utmost potential and do what makes you happy.

The Delo Carmona Success Story

Rodelo T. Carmona, or “Delo” as we all him is known for his achievement in producing quality pastry producers throughout our locality. It is because of his newly built school situated at Sta. Maria, Lal-lo, Cagayan where in a span of 9 months upon opening his school he was able to cater 500 trainees who enrolled Bread and Pastry Production NC II.

Delo is a nurse by profession but a trainer at heart. He worked as a Nurse at the Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC) for several until he decided to venture a different path. As soon as he resigned as Head Nurse from CVMC, he decided to enroll Cookery NC II at TESDA-Aparri Polytechnic Institue and shortly after his training he then enrolled Bread and Pastry Production NC II.

Mr. Carmona showed great interest during his training in Bread and Pastry Production and his trainer Mrs. Dolores Quizzagan noticed his potential because he had innovative ideas and that he had exemplary skills especially in producing cakes. After his training in BPP NC II he also took Front Office Services NC II and Trainer’s Methodology 1. After his trainings he went to manila to enhance his gained skills in pastry production to acquire more techniques and gain more knowledge about pastry arts. After that, Delo started making cakes for his family and friends and they were very good, until day someone told him to put up his own school and that was the moment that hit him.

Delo Carmona took his friends advice and began making phone calls and researched how he can put up his school. After 1 year of processing, Delo together with his family members was able to put up Nueva Segovia Institute of Pastry Arts and Hospitality Center Inc. with Delo as the head trainer. He also plans to build a four-story building for Events Management NC III, a new course he is planning to offer after a year or two.

The Trainer believes that no matter how educated you are, it does not define yourchances of making yourself a success. It takes perseverance, hard work and lot of passion to make everything possible. Learn to love do and enjoy every minute while working and then one day you’ll realize how far you’ve already gone. For next years to come we will expecting Mr. Carmona to be even more successful than he is now and that his institution will bear more successes and that our institution is most certainly proud to claim him as one of our fruitful products.

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