This Training Institution now known today as Aparri Polytechnic Institute (API) was first created in 1928 by R.A. No.948 as Aparri Vocational High School (AVHS). As its name suggests, AVHS concentrated on secondary education with elective vocational subjects. On June 22, 1963. R.A. 3732 converted the Aparri Vocational High School into Aparri School of Arts and Trades (ASAT) maintaining the same curriculum. ASAT, in the 1970s, started to offer Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology with different major subjects/areas and two-year Technical Courses aside from its regular Trade Secondary Education Program. In 1978, P.D. 1436 caused the transfer of ASAT’s BSIT courses, its two-year Technical Education Program,staff and facilities to the Cagayan State University-Aparri due to the emergence of the University System. As a result, ASAT in 1986 worked out its assessment and accreditation to offer Basic Secondary Education and two-year Technical-Vocational Education and Training courses.

Then came the creation into law of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) on August 25, 1994 by R.A. 7796 or TESDA Act 0f 1994. ASAT again faced another challenge when it was included in the list of of Tech-Voc Schools in Region 02 to be absorbed by TESDA on March 21, 1997. The forging of Memorandum of Agreement between the DECS and TESDA. On August 24, 2000 caused the transfer of schools with predominantly Post-Secondary Education enrolment including qualified employees and their proportionate share of the budget and other assets to TESDA. Both DECS and TESDA used the school name ASAT which caused so much confusion to visitors, would-be-enrolees, and even in the delivery of correspondences and other printed materials. Thanks to the combined effort of the House of Representatives and the Senate that spent time to deliberate on the pros and cons of giving TESDA-ASAT a new name. Thus, on October 18, 2012 President Benigno Aquino III signed R.A. No. 10227 to change the name of TESDA-Aparri School of Arts and Trades into Aparri Polytechnic Institute.

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